GT8 Efra #6102 1/8 SCALE GT CLEAR RC CAR BODY - 0185

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GT185 1/8 Scale GT Clear RC Car Body EFRA # 6012 is suitable for 1/8 scale RC cars with a wheelbase of 320mm - 330mm and a 310mm width. This body will fit many 1/8 vehicles including buggies and road cars. Keep in mind that this GT8 1/8 RC car body is unpainted. This body will fit Ofna Gtp2e and Gtp2 cars as well as Kyosho GT,Exceed Mad Drift, Serpent Cobra GT and many others. These bodies are made of high quality Polycarbonate and have a protective film that is to be removed after painting. In case you have any questions about this model, feel free to email us!

Code: 0185 GT8

Wheelbase: 325mm

Width: 310mm

Included: Wing, decals and window masks