8512 Dome rc body Fits Arrma Infraction, Limitless, Hobao V2e 1/7 scale 2mm

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Dome is an amazing design. It can do everything.

Dome is well known for its ability to go straight and create balanced downforce that results in great tire grip during acceleration as well as nearly perfect cornering and braking.

This makes it great for -
Drag Racing
Track Racing 
Speed Runs

For Speed Runs- Take off the wing and cutdown the rear downforce for all out speed 

For Track and all around performance-   Install wing for great all around and track performance (wing can be cut lower or adjusted to adjust the rear downforce)

Thick 2mm, High impact poly-carbonate sheet is used to form these high performance



Code: 8512

body with wing. 

Formed from 2mm High Quality Lexan

Wheelbase 406mm-420mm

Width 310mm

Fits Arrma Limitless and Infraction

Lexan Body is clear and uncut.  ABS body is Black and uncut. For best results, mark your cut lines for your particular vehicle

We found limitless rear body mounts and infraction front body mounts made the installation easy.