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8505 Prototype IR Body for Arrma Infraction, Limitless, Felony 6s 1/7 VTE2

Delta Plastik USA proudly introduces the Prototype IR RC Car Body, meticulously crafted for high-performance RC racing enthusiasts. Formed from 2mm high-quality Lexan, this clear body offers exceptional durability and aerodynamics, ensuring top-notch performance on the track.

With a wheelbase of 406mm and a width of 310mm, the Prototype IR body is designed to fit Arrma Limitless, Felony, Infraction, Infraction 6s 1/7 scale, and Hobao VT2e without requiring any suspension or drivetrain upgrades. Each body includes a wing for improved stability and handling.

The body comes clear and uncut, ready for your custom paint and design, allowing you to personalize your RC car to your liking.

Code: 8505

Model: Prototype IR

Scale: 1/7

Wheelbase: 406mm

Width: 310mm

Included: Clear body with wing, formed from 2mm high-quality Lexan

If you have any questions about this model, feel free to email us!