Speed Run weight GT Racing Body for 2018 2mm Lexan 325mm wheelbase, 310mm width

Code: 0177
MC12 SCALE 1:8 Rally Game:
WIDTH: 310mm
Clear LEXAN (Policarbonate) body. 2mm

Delta Plastik's newest 1/8 GT body, built to conform to the 2018 EFRA guidelines for GT Racing. The Maserati  MC12 Corsa (Europa) body has been designed and tested to exceed the competition in cornering stability, speed and of course looks. Suitable for 1/8 GT cars with a wheelbase of 320 mm - 330mm and a 310 mm width, this body will fit many 1/8 vehicles including Mugen MGT8, Xray GTX8, Hobao GTB, Serpent Cobra GT and other standard wheelbase GT cars. This body is unpainted and comes with wing and window masks. Has a protective film that is to be removed after painting.

Decals are not included

0177/2 - Maserati MC12 Corsa (Europa) 8th GT Speed Run Car 2018 2mm

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  • Product Code: 0177/2 - Maserati MC12 Corsa (Europa) 8th GT Speed Run Body
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